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Organizing, Promoting and Enabling Heritage Re-use through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment


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  • New post at Partners engagement strategy
    Hacking Heritage Using Digital Platforms
    Creating new Possibilities for Open Heritage with DecidimAfter the Berlin Consortium meeting last May, we’ve made several strides in creating and developing new features within Decidim, the engine behind OpenHeritage’s participatory platform and the & Cooperative Heritage Online Labs. These a...
  • New proposal at WP3 Assembly
    Setting up a googlegroup for WP3 Email-communication
    In order to facilitate Email communication within WP3, I propose to set up a googlegroup. I have made bad experiences with adding all the individual email addresses of a group to the Email program, with sometimes some Email-addresses not being properly pasted. A googlegroup just has one email-address to distribute to everyone else. Does that sound feasible? Unless there is opposition, I would set up a group on Monday.

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